StructurePRO SPI-90 I-Joists

Sep 2, 2015

Eastern Engineered Wood Products is proud to introduce StructurePRO SPI-90 I-Joists to our lineup of top-performing products. Our new SPI-90 is a 3½ wide LVL flange I-Joist which we now stock in 11 7/8, 14 and 16 depths.

The superior design properties of our SPI-90 will enable your builder to provide one of the strongest I-Joists available anywhere. Our Technical Department will utilize our iStruct design software for calculations and placement drawings so that your customer will have the confidence that he is using the material properly on his job.

Download a digital copy of the StructurePRO SPI-90 specification sheet here Specification Sheet


...Eastern has always supported us with real service... Most of all they have great people that can make decisions on their own or will get back to you promptly... Many of their competitors have approached us since 1998 with strong offers to change our allegiance but Eastern has earned our loyalty.

Lumber Dealer from Pennsylvania

Photo supplied by APA - The Engineered Wood Association