Nordic Lam Glulam Joists

Sep 2, 2015

Eastern Engineered Wood Products is proud to introduce Nordic Lam Glulam Joists to our lineup of top-performing products. Developed over the last year with proprietary technology by Chantiers Chibougamau, Nordic Lam Glulam Joists address the fire-protection requirements of the IRC for single-family homes, eliminating the need for sprinkler systems, gypsum wallboard, or structural wood paneled ceilings. Nordic Lam Glulam Joists also offer a framer-friendly alternative to long dimension framing lumber, due to less twisting, cracking, and warping, as well as their superior dimensional stability and 100% usability.

The design properties are superior to traditional dimension lumber and other similar glued lumber joists. Our Technical Department will utilize our iStruct design software for calculations and placement drawings so that your customer will have the confidence that he is using the material properly on his job.

We are presently stocking and selling Nordic Lam Glulam Joists in both 9½ and 11 7/8 depths in lengths from 20 feet to 36 feet in four foot increments. Order your next project today and take delivery within two days!

Download a digital copy of the Nordic Lam Glulam Joist brochure here Specification Sheet


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Jean-Marc Dubois – Nordic Engineered Wood

Photo supplied by APA - The Engineered Wood Association