We Make It Simple

We understand that to some people engineered wood seems complicated, hard to understand and hard to physically handle. Thats why we make it simple. Our employees are committed to providing a great customer experience. Every time you call, youll be greeted by one of our employees who are prepared to help; you will never get an automated attendant.

Engineered wood is all we do. It isnt a sideline or add-on product that diverts our attention from other things. It isnt a watered-down offering that complements a commodity mix. Our total focus on the engineered wood products business is what distinguishes us.

Staying in tune with what is important to our customers and remaining flexible to adapt to their changing needs is critical to our objective. Convenient, one-stop shopping for all of their engineered wood needs is just the start. Other things our customers have come to expect from us include:


  • Highly accurate execution on every transaction
  • Friendly, approachable Customer Service Representatives
  • Personalized attention from our Outside Sales team
  • A commitment to a flawless customer experience


  • Product delivery in one to two days, whether its a job-pack or a truckload
  • Afternoon add-ons for next-day deliveries
  • Customer pickup orders in one to two hours
  • Job-site deliveries (at additional charge)


  • Broad and extensive product inventory
  • Extraordinarily high fill rates
  • Pieces sold in both odd and even footages

Technical Services

  • Product framing layouts in 1 week (color-coded when requested)
  • Rapid turnaround of job site repair requests

Custom Packaging

  • Clean and accurate material packages with contents marked on the outside of the unit
  • Cut orders packaged separately for first and second floors and unitized for easy unloading at the jobsite

Whatever your needs – Consider it Done!


If you asked me for a list of the ten greatest suppliers in the industry, I couldn't find ten that are great. Eastern is great - Excellent service, total support, great products, innovative solutions. Don't use them. I don't' want to lose the advantage over you that we get from partnering with them.

Lumber Dealer from New Jersey

Photo supplied by APA - The Engineered Wood Association